We are looking for early stage and growth Irish tech companies in the following areas.

  • Big-data analytics and predictive modelling
  • Mobility
  • Payments
  • Risk management
  • Wealth management
  • Customer Relationship
  • Management Governance
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Security
  • Social media and collaboration
  • Infrastructure and operational technologies (hosting, data bases, storage, networking, IT management).

The Lab's selection committee is especially interested in products, tools and applications that:

  • Support real-time manipulation of large volumes of complex transactional data.
  • Identify and address security concerns related to mobile or wireless device use.
  • Monitor risk in real time to support regulatory compliance and rapid response to threats.
  • Enable secure database outsourcing to cloud environments.
  • Facilitate efficient application programming interface (API) management.
  • Analyse social media to support customer relationship management and regulatory compliance.

If you’re unsure whether you are eligible, please email us and we’ll let you know.

An opportunity for learning – not just sales

Remember, the FinTech Innovation Lab Dublin is about mentoring and collaboration, rather than purely sales. While new business may be one positive outcome for your business, it should not be your primary objective. To get the most from the experience, we are looking for applicants to come with an open mind, willing to learn and collaborate with a panel of of well-respected industry leaders and entrepreneurs